DOOM 3 begins to arrive

DOOM3 is arriving, and geeks everywhere are tearing into it. The guys at VR-Zone have posted some benchmarks with the game using the latest graphics cards from ATI and NVIDIA. The folks at Telfragged have taken a different route, simply reviewing the game. At the risk of giving it all away, here's a snippet from their conclusions:
DOOM 3 smashes through all the hype and delivers a grand slam of action, story, atmosphere, and pure terror. It'll last you long enough to make you feel thoroughly satisfied (and a little shaken as well), and the multiplayer mode isn't as bare as some thought it would be.
Meanwhile, Bjorn3D has taken some screenshots, just to prove they have a copy. Finally, I caught the link to this excellent Fanta ad involving DOOM 3 at the cold, HardOCP, which has its own DOOM 3 Hardware Guide online. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go pick up my copy of DOOM 3.
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