ATI posts DOOM 3 beta driver

If you want to get the most of our your Radeon card in DOOM 3, go grab the Catalyst 4.9 beta driver that ATI just posted. Be aware, though, that it's still in the beta stages of development. Here's ATI's statement on the subject:
This pre-WHQL driver will deliver a great experience for RADEON customers playing Doom 3. The beta driver is intended to get Doom 3 performance enhancements into the hands of gamers as soon as possible. Testing and qualification of the driver will continue and the WHQL certified CATALYST 4.9 driver will be posted in September and will include additional features and functionality.

Beta drivers are not supported by ATI's technical support teams. For other games and applications or for customers requiring a supported driver, ATI recommends that customers continue to use the WHQL certified CATALYST 4.7 driver or the WHQL certified CATALYST 4.8 driver which will be available shortly from

Post your experiences with the 4.9 betas below.
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