Asus explains BIOS-level graphics overclocking

Asus has responded to charges that its 925X- and 915P-based motherboards are surreptitiously overclocking PCI Express graphics cards to achieve better performance. According to Asus, there's nothing sneaky about its PCI Express Graphics link BIOS option. The Inquirer has the scoop:
Asus said PEG "is a unique feature that enables users to boost graphics card performance for superior video quality". [...] Asus said that PEG "has received a lot of interest recently". It said it lets users raise GPU and VGA memory using the motherboard BIOS "the same way system bus and memory bus are tweaked".
Being able to overclock one's graphics card through a motherboard BIOS is certainly an intriguing feature, but probably one that should be clearly labeled, especially since overclocked graphics cards are generally not covered under warranty.
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