Weekend forum roundup

Apologies for the late update this weekend. I've been busy doing other things. Not even playing Doom 3, believe it or not; however I'm sure I'll be getting to that shortly. So now that the weekend is half over, drop into the forums for a quick break from Doom 3 or whatever else has been keeping you away. Send all complaints for my tardiness to my e-mail, along with suggestions for next week's roundup (a subtle reminder to be on time next week would be good as well).

Running the TR Doom 3 Timedemo — If you're interested in what other people have been getting for benchmarks, be sure to download the demos used in the high-end graphics performance comparo. Then post your results! There are a plethora of Doom 3 threads in the Gaming Forum so be sure to check out what people have liked and disliked about the game.

Wooden case project — Splinter is hard at work designing and now building a wooden case. Stop in to admire the design or offer some ideas.

Apple mini iPod - your thoughts? — In an impulse buying decision, Gandhi sparked some good discussion regarding portable MP3 players. So if you're in the market for some portable music goodness, drop by the thread and pick up some tips.

What's your favorite pizza place? — For something on the lighter side (except for your poor arteries), share some experiences and opinions regarding your favorite pizza place. Living in California, I must say I'm partial to the California Pizza Kitchen, but not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

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