Weekly Folding update

Welcome to week four of our continuing folding coverage. Due to my traveling weekend, the update has been a little delayed.

We're holding steady on our quests, DSL Reports Team Helix appears to have stepped up their efforts, but so far to no avail. EOC Folding has added a new stat. Monthly totals for the past 7 months, both team and indvidually listed. Check your individual monthly totals to see how you're doing. The Tech Report as a whole has made massive jumps since April, when we pulled 800,000 points, to July, when we almost hit 2,000,000 points for the month. Let's hope that we break the 2 million mark this August, and then see how quickly we can hit the 3,000,000/month mark.

Here are the new members, top producers, and links into hot threads on the folding forum. All stats are gathered noonish Monday from ExtremeOC.

  • New members: 742, fah, eo, Knight3058, schapman, Fan_Atic, InfinityComplex, Doza, Hugh, gre9del, fatdog6, pete_roth, Zer0_0ne, kirby, Dydon, Dadfish
  • Top Producers: Mike_Sterling, LordIcon, Looking_For_Knowledge, TheBank, drfish, idchafee, TheJuggernaut, Haggis!, Leor, emkubed, Steel, pmeysemb, FinalDevelopment, Dr_Evil, treemiddle, Slymaster, HowardDrake, Tarkin, Atryus28, AmishRakeFight
  • Conquests: DSL Reports Team Helix, 41 Days; PC Perspective.com Folding Team, 44 Days; Team Short-Media, 104 Days; Maximum PC Magazine, 163 Days; Team Rage3D, 386 Days
  • Threats: None for yet another week. Good to see us keeping up our average.

  • Hot Threads in DC: Goals are good, Feel the love, emkubed

  • Frankenbot Progress: The Frankenbot project is a way for all of us at TR who possess numerous odds and ends stuffed into our respective parts closets to combine these leftovers into cohesive juggernaut of Folding power. We still have two bots running. The third box is still not quite online, and the fourth is just about complete, as well. Efforts have begun on a fifth.

    Frankenbot Stats: #255, 1,838 points last week, Total points 5,601, Total WUs 58

    Nice beginnings for the project. Remember, if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or email me at howarddrake@techreport.com

Thus ends week four of our continuing folding coverage. Next week, we'll return to your normal time as I have no wanderlust for at least another 10 days.

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