Intel plans to slash CPU prices

According to a report at The Inq, Intel is prepping a big price cut on its processors for next week, on August 22. The report includes a nice table showing prices for Intel's range of Pentium 4 products. Strikingly, anything that runs below 3GHz will be phased out, retired as obsolete. The range of Pentium 4s will then stretch over 600MHz, from 3.0 to 3.6GHz. The higher echelons of P4 chips will see massive price slashes, as the Pentium 4 560 3.6GHz drops from $637 to "only" $417. The P4 550 3.4GHz will approach the sweet spot as it drops from $417 to $278, and the P4 540 3.2GHz will drop to $218.

You can compare these prices to AMD's current numbers here. Assuming AMD doesn't drop prices further, directly competing Athlon 64 models will list at a slight premium over Pentium 4s at GHz-to-model-number parity. Given the CPUs' actual performance, AMD may be able to command a bit of a premium for once.

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