Weekend forum roundup

The Weekend Forum Roundup is back and ready to provide you with hours of entertainment. The combination of Quakecon and the Internet Gremlins caused last weeks roundup to get swallowed into the bowels of the web. So this week, I mention a few threads that would have been posted last weekend. So stop by the forums and be sure to send me recommendations for threads next week.

Retro games you'd like to see remade — Remember the good times you've had with those classic games? Think those games could be remade and still capture their original glory? Then this thread is for you.

Original Trilogy on LaserDisc — Vrock makes us all jealous by talking about his recent purchase of the Original Star Wars Trilogy on LaserDisc and a LaserDisc player to go with it. This thread also contains lots of good technical discussion on the LaserDisc format and what players you should consider buying to watch Star Wars in its original form.

Credit card scammers — just brew it! reports on a credit card scam that has been going on for several months now with many people getting hit by it and no sign that anything is being done by the credit card companies. Check on this thread and make sure your statements don't have any unrecognized charges.

Ok who fired up the grill and washed their car in Florida? — Usacomp2k3 was our reporter live on the scene down in Florida. He has some amazing pictures from before, during, and after Hurricane Charley.

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