Browser switchers tell their tales

All of you militant Internet Explorer haters will probably enjoy this round of testimonials from people who have switched from IE to an alternative browser. The users are, of course, quite happy with their conversions:
The better use of system resources allows me to have more windows open, so not only are there fewer crashes, but I can multi-task more efficiently. While the whole page may not load any quicker, I have a distinct feeling that the text and links load faster, allowing me to surf more quickly. I have just discovered its ability to tab too — a really useful innovation.
I wish I could tell a similar tale, but I've had trouble sticking with Firefox. It seems slower to me, a little inconsistent with regard to page rendering, and it's just unable to handle some sites properly. (Tabbed browsing rocks, of course.) I wonder whether WinXP Service Pack 2's improvements to security and to IE will stem the tide of users switching to alternative browsers?
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