Wow. Lightning storms have been rolling through here in waves for the past 36 hours. When the most intense cells have come through, I've had to run and unplug all the systems in Damage Labs, then unplug all the other PCs scattered throughout the house (their numbers keep growing). Of course, the best is when this happens at 4AM.

We lost one PC the night before last that wasn't on a surge protector (through, ahem, no fault of my own). The box will boot, but it won't read the hard drive. I used Ghost to copy the drive's contents to a second hard drive, but that didn't help. I can't seem to revive it. I've cleared the CMOS and swapped out other parts, including DIMMs and the CPU. I think it's time for a motherboard replacement.

I've also learned, during the course of all the shutting down, unplugging, and booting back up later, that my mobo's CMOS battery seems to be dying. The clock goes out of sync whenever the system is shut down. Annoying.

Anyhow, we have some interesting things cooking for later this week. So long as the lightning relents, we should have something soon.

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