MS on the chopping block?

In case you've been living under a rock, rumor has it that the DOJ and 19 states are "leaning toward" asking the court to break the company up. Here's a story for the juicy details. Needless to say, the NASDAQ was not amused; that lean caused Microsoft to lose $66 billion in value in a few hours.

According to whatever source reported the leaning, the recommendation will be that MS be broken up into either two or three companies. One and two will be operating systems and applications software (read Windows and Office), while the possible third would be Internet software and businesses, such as the Microsft Network and perhaps the web browser.

That last one would be interesting, since Microsoft argued so vehemently that the browser couldn't be separated from the operating system. Maybe it's just the DOJ's way of twisting the knife a little.

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