I shall call it... mini-rant

Just a quick, bitchy little note here: Will somebody tell PC Week it's about $@!#'ing time they got the "Windows 2000 Watch" off their front page? Here's a sample: "After years of development and delays, Microsoft has rolled out its much-anticipated Windows 2000. Check out our PC Week Special Report for in-depth coverage." Gee, I can't wait to click on the link and read about a story from the seventeenth of February. They do have one article in there from this month, but that's not the point; what is that headline still doing on the front page?

You may say "Well, Win2K hasn't been out for that long..." Think of it another way; this is the equivalent of CNN still having a link on the front page to this story about life on John McCain's campaign tour bus like it was still news. Does that put it in perspective? Please, make the hurting stop.

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