Weekend forum roundup

It's the last weekend in August, and for many, this signals the return of school or just the end of the happy summer days, so stop by the forums to avoid all those dreary thoughts. If you've got suggestions on more threads for the roundup, just drop me an e-mail.

Vinyl conversion — just brew it! is working on converting all of his old vinyl LPs to CD. If you've ever wanted to do this or you have done it before, this thread is for you.

My experience with several distros — elmopuddy starts the ball rolling in trying to find an installation-friendly distro. Quite a few others relay their experiences, as well. If you've been thinking about installing some flavor of Linux lately, check out this thread for some suggestions.

Windows Clock applet bug — What was initially thought to be problems with the system clock was quickly spotted by just brew it! as simply a bug in the Windows Clock applet.

Half-Life 2 reviewed by PC Gamer? — As you all know by now, Half-Life 2 began pre-loading some of the game content through Steam. PC Gamer is claiming another "senses-shattering world exclusive" for next month's issue. To further fuel the fire, someone posting as Gabe Newell in the Half-Life 2 Fallout forums claimed the game would be going gold on Monday. However, hopes were dashed as it was discovered that someone had guessed Newell's forum password. Hop in and join all the speculation; it's the craze of the week!

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