Real-life Inspector Gadget

Take a look at this Wired story about a guy in New Jersey who is, well, basically obsessed with gadgets. Oh sure, he's got the normal cellphone and PDA, like the rest of us. But tell me, do you carry around "a bag stuffed with essentials, including a home-made solar recharger for his organizers and a jerry-rigged infrared amplifier to boost their feeble beams to more than 50 feet"?

His car (a Mazda Miata) has a laptop in the trunk that gives him everything from MP3's to wireless Internet access (via a hacked-up Sprint PCS phone). He controls it via a Palm V mounted in the cab. And yes, when he's not driving it, the car runs SETI@home.

But wait, there's more! I haven't told you about the automated pooper scooper yet! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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