AMD demos dual-core processors in operation

We knew AMD had completed the design of its dual-core processors, and we knew they were manufacturing 90nm parts in volume, but I was taken by surprise by the news that AMD will demonstrate its dual-core Opterons in action. The press release just arrived:
SUNNYVALE, CALIF.-AUG. 31, 2004-Today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announces it is demonstrating the industry's first x86 dual-core processor. During demonstrations held at the company's Austin facilities, AMD is showing an HP ProLiant DL585 server powered by four dual-core AMD Opteron(tm) processors manufactured on 90nm silicon-on-insulator process technology.
That's eight-way SMP from four sockets, of course. I know a working demo doesn't make a finished product, but if AMD is already this far down the path, I have to wonder whether they won't move forward the launch of the parts a little bit from the "second half of 2005" release date on their official roadmap. Maybe they don't need to, and maybe they will just stockpile dual-core chips for a while. Still, the scheduled launch is about a year from now, which seems like a long time.

Prepare yourselves, SMP freaks. The tide of creamy smoothness is rising. I'm thinking my next motherboard upgrade will involve a dual Socket 940 board, since we already know these chips will drop into Socket 940. I have one K8 processor in my system now. Would be nice to upgrade to two, and then four.

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