Pentium 4 600-series to debut in 2005?

X86-secret is reporting (in French) that Intel will introduce a series of Pentium 4 600 processors in the first quarter of next year. Rather than pushing higher clock frequencies, the new chips will come with a hefty 2MB L2 cache. They'll also support Intel's version of the NX bit, and an enhanced version of SpeedStep known as EIST. Chips will be available from 3.2 to 3.8GHz, all on an 800MHz front-side bus, suggesting that Intel may reserve a 1066MHz FSB for Extreme Edition processors that have the same amount of cache as the apparent Pentium 4 600 line.

Although X86-Secret claims that its report is based on Intel's internal roadmaps, Intel's publicly-available desktop processor roadmap makes no mention of Pentium 4 600-series chips. The public roadmap doesn't actually detail anything beyond the current Pentium 4 560.

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