Weekly Folding update

Welcome to week seven of our Folding coverage. Sometime next week, it looks like we'll be celebrating our long-awaited return to the Top 10. With our next two conquests so close, we need to start focusing on getting more. We've lost some ground on Team ArsTechnica, and SAGoons is slowly closing the gap to get back on our threat list. We need to keep the pressure up so we don't drop back out of the Top 10 after we return. We become one heck of a target when we get there. Other than that, all quiet on the Folding front.

Here are the new members, top producers, and links to hot threads in the folding forum. All stats will be gathered noonish Monday from ExtremeOC.

  • New members: nnyan, RevelationX, kbuck320, wiggy, flatfour, Topher, Michael, dj_rando, Flash_Masta, Alives, Opus5001. Not a bad crop this week.
  • Top producers: Mike_Sterling, TheBank, LordIcon, Looking_For_Knowledge, emkubed, Steel, drfish, TheJuggernaut, idchafee, Haggis!, Leor, Nulfire/Druid, pmeysemb, FinalDevelopment, Tamale, Roach, Atryus28, HowardDrake, Slymaster, Tarkin
  • Conquests: DSL Reports Team Helix, 9 Days; PC Perspective.com Folding Team, 12 Days; Team Short-Media, 53 Days; Maximum PC Magazine, 108 days; Team Rage3D, 223 Days. Maximum PC put the foot to the gas, but everyone else is on schedule.
  • Threats: None. Every week I keep enjoying this fact. Keep it up, everyone.
  • Hot threads in DC: Steelforce vs. Leor, Gunning for JBI, How to get the big WUs
  • Frankenbot progress: The Frankenbot project is a way for all of us at TR who possess hardware odds and ends in our respective parts closets to combine these leftovers into a cohesive juggernaut of Folding power. We now have three bots running. The fourth box isn't quite online. The fifth is complete and should be going online as soon as all the parts are located. Efforts have begun on a sixth bot.

    Frankenbot Stats: #214, 1,904 points last week, Total points 10,757, Total WUs 112

    Nice to keep up interest in the project. Remember, if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or email me at howarddrake@techreport.com. Thanks again to emkubed this week for hosting our first three Frankenbots, and to Leor for offering to host one, as well. If you can host a Frankenbot, please email me as well, our bots always need good homes.

Thus ends week seven of our ongoing folding coverage. Keep it up, everyone!

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