Beware the commie Palm VII

Speaking of PDA's (and for that matter, speaking of Wired; I got this link from them), take a look at this story from the San Jose Mercury News. It seems that Palm VII's have been banned from the Lawrence Livermore National Lab as a security threat. They're concerned that the wireless connectivity of the PDA will enable people to put information into the thing and then "beam" it to somebody else via the wireless link.

I wonder what they're going to do when the other Palms and/or Visors (and or Pocket PC's, for that matter) start getting add-on hardware that gives them the same capabilities as the Palm VII? I also wonder if they go through everybody's PDA with a fine-tooth comb at the end of every workday. If not, it would be just as easy for somebody to put stuff into their Palm and just carry it out to the commies.

Of course, we're ignoring a central point here; can you imagine how bad it would suck trying to copy down lots of secret information using only Graffiti?

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