ATI intros revamped Catalyst control panel

ATI has unleashed a reworked interface for its graphics drivers that sports a number of new features. The new Catalyst Control Center can be downloaded and installed separately from ATI's driver itself, and this first release works in conjunction with the Cat 4.8s introduced last month. This new interface has a new display manager that looks like it will eliminate the need for ATI's tired HydraVision suite, a real-time 3D rendered scene to show the effects of changing 3D graphics settings, and support for multiple user profiles. Most strikingly, perhaps, the Control Center allows users to choose simpler or more advanced sets of options, depending on how deep they want to go.

You can download the new ATI software from here. For a more detailed look at the Control Center now and ATI's plans for it in the future, go read this article at Beyond3D.

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