InertX coolant safe for water cooling spills

Although I'm smitten with exotic water cooling setups like Zalman's passive Reserator, the thought of having water anywhere near my PC's internals still freaks me out a little. Maybe it's that healthy dose of paranoia that made HEXUS's review of Armai's InertX liquid coolant catch my eye. Not only is InertX non-conductive, it also has a much lower freezing point than water:
Finally, using the remaining InertX in the bottle, I poured it all out onto the mainboard, a little under the graphics card heatsink (a 6800 GT no less) and a little under the CPU's socket, just to make sure that if something WAS going to die, I'd kill as much as possible. In truth, the testing was never going to go badly; The chemical properties of the PFC made sure of that. After a short while it evaporates, leaving a slight sheen for a couple of minutes, before that disappears.
Based on HEXUS's testing, InertX doesn't appear to be a more effective cooler than water, and it certainly isn't cheap. Peace of mind can be priceless, though.
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