More dual cores at IDF

Although Intel kicked off IDF with a dual-core Itanium demo, the company had another dual-core demo up its sleeve. On day two of the Developer Forum, Intel was showing off an unnamed dual-core desktop chip running on a 915 series chipset:
Meanwhile, Bill Siu, vie president of the Desktop Platforms Group at Intel showed off an unnamed dual-core processor running on a standard Intel 915 platform. "To be clear, it's an engineering prototype, not a simulation," he said. "But it's an actual demonstration of a dual core running on an Intel 915 motherboard."
That the engineering sample is running on an Intel 915 motherboard suggests that the dual-core chip is not only physically compatible with the LGA775 socket, but also with the board's power circuit. According to C|Net, this particular dual-core chip is based on Intel's NetBurst architecture.

Intel was also talking up dual-core mobile chips, notably the upcoming "Napa" platform, which features a "Yonah" dual-core processor based on Intel's current Pentium M architecture. Yonah will reportedly be built using 65-nanometer fabrication technology, come equipped with Hyper-Threading, and be bundled with next-gen security and wireless technology.

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