Weekend forum roundup

Welcome to another Weekend forum roundup. Spend your Saturday in the forums and take a break from the craze of election season. Remember to drop me an e-mail for anything forum related and any suggestions for next weeks roundup.

In related news, there was a suggestion made regarding a "TR Rigs" section of the forums. This would be a place for everyone to post pictures and information regarding their personal rigs (or any computers that they work on) and solicit comments and praise from the rest of the TR community. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on the idea so please, post in the comments or talk to me through the usual channels.

Argh, failed BIOS flash! — just brew it! experiences what many PC enthusiasts dread, a BIOS flash that leaves the motherboard dead. Read and learn how he recovers from one of our greatest fears. There's some good information there in case this ever happens to you.

I must express my dissatisfaction with Far Cry — VTNC shares his thoughts on Far Cry. What are your thoughts on what many sites are calling the game of the year?

Top Ten — Normally I let HowardDrake report on folding news for his weekly Folding Update, however, I just have to step in and steal his thunder regarding the team moving into the Top 10. Good job, guys, and keep up the good work.

Ok who fired up the grill ... Take 3 — Usacomp2k3 continues to report on the hurricane situation down in Florida. Read up on the latest news about Ivan and be sure to check the previous reports on Francis and Charley, as well.

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