Mobility Radeon 9800 put to the test

The cold, HardOCP has taken a cold, hard look at the Dell Inspiron XPS laptop with Mobility Radeon 9800 graphics. Kyle likes the graphics and gameplay, but he has some bones to pick with the way driver updates are handled for mobile graphics chips:
Here is where the whole area of laptop gaming gets a bit sticky and I really did not realize how much of an impact this was going to have until a few months ago. Laptop companies are terrible when it comes to issuing driver updates. A gentleman asked me the other day why he could not play DOOM 3 on his laptop at all. It was because Toshiba had not issued a driver update for his video unit for over a year. That is simply deplorable.
This is one my biggest beefs with laptops generally, and especially with video drivers for laptops. I'm also none too pleased with ATI's apparent inability to adjust properly to wide-aspect-ratio displays, which are common in laptops now.
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