USC = Unbreakable Steel Cojones

By now just about everybody knows that Metallica has sued Napster and several universities, among them the University of Southern California (USC). But while the other universities have already shut Napster down on their networks and subsequently been dropped from the suit, USC is hanging in there. Take a look at this story at ABC for more details.

According to a USC attorney, Napster has uses "which are clearly legal, such as the chat rooms focused on various styles of music." Thus the university will allow students to access Napster from certain computers, for usage that doesn't violate copyright law. Wonder how that'll go over with Metallica? [Update - It appears that Metallica is satisfied with USC's solution, as according to this article at Yahoo Daily News, Metallica announced it will be dropping USC from its lawsuit. Thanks to Marcus "Majesty" Yam for the Yahoo link.]

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