Weekend forum roundup

Another weekend and another Weekend Roundup. The start of school getting you down? Then hop in the forums for some much-needed refreshment. Remember to send your Roundup suggestions to my e-mail during the week.

A few forum announcements that you should be aware of today. First of all, the TR Fantasy Forum has been opened for all registered users to reply to existing threads. So stop in this weekend as we head into the Week 2 games. Finally, the permissions for the Bargain Basement Forum (TR's buy/sell/trade forum) have been changed. You must now log in to view threads in that forum. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to your browsing habits, however, we feel that this will help limit any possible trolling.

Accidentally overclocked my Laptop!! — At one time or another we've all tried our hand at overclocking, but have you ever overclocked something by accident? And with a screwdriver? JediNinjaWizard regales us with his strange tale. Hopefully he'll post some pictures soon.

What would be the best surround sound speakers?? — Looking for suggestions on a new set of surround sound speakers? This thread is for you.

CD ripping review — Usacomp2k3 does some investigating in the speed of Exact Audio Copy. Even Dr. Evil steps out of the shadows to offer some advice.

Internet Addiction: Myth or Reality? — Action Jim asks a question that should be a concern for all of us. Just how addicting can the Internet be?

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