Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to another edition of (drum roll, then booming, echoey voice) TR's Continuing Folding Coverage. SAGoons are still hanging around in our rearview mirror. We're currently out-producing them by about 17,000 points per day, but we can't rest on our laurels if we plan to keep this worthy opponent where they are. We recently passed DSL Reports Team Helix and the PC Perspective.com Folding Team. A quick salute to the Folding Frogs at PC Perspective for the gracious way they accepted their passing while vowing to make holding our new #10 ranking as difficult as they can. In the meantime, however, congratulations are in order for Team TR on the #10 ranking in the world. As of this writing, there are more than 2000 teams folding, so being the 10th ranked team is quite an accomplishment.

Next up on the conquest list is Team Short-Media at just over 35 days out. After them, Maximum PC Magazine and Team Rage3D await! Lets have some fun, friendly competition while contributing to Stanford's very worthy project.

We have also devised a list of rules and guidelines for members of our Folding team. You can see them right here. Please make sure to adhere to these rules. If you have any questions, let me, Kevin or our DC forum moderator, Just Brew It!, know.

Here are the new members, top producers, and links to hot threads in the Folding forum. All stats were gathered noonish Monday from ExtremeOC.

  • New members: mightymite, Jack_the_Smack, pete_roth, CMerrill, Fuzzhead
  • Top 15 producers: Mike_Sterling ("The Ungodly Beast"), TheBank, Looking_For_Knowledge, Nulfire/Druid, LordIcon ("The Shadow"), emkubed, TheJuggernaut, drfish, idchafee ("The White Whale"), Zubrik, Haggis!("The Meat Dish"), Tamale, FinalDevelopment, Roach, Leor ("Captain Ahab")
  • Conquests: Team Short-Media (34 days), Maximum PC Magazine (74 days), Team Rage3D (132 days)
  • Threats: None. All tremble before our might.
  • Hot threads in DC: An Epic Battle, What are you folding on?, A new threat?
  • Frankenbot progress: Got a spare hard drive you don't need? How about a motherboard? PSU? Maybe you bought a processor for Aunt Bunny's computer, then she went to CompUSA and bought one of the used floor models without telling you. Here's your chance to clear out some closet space! Donate those odds and ends to the Frankenbot project! By combining our parts, we can make complete folding boxes to give the team a little extra boost. Even someone who cannot get whole systems up folding can use the Frankenbot project to contribute to Team TR's march up the ranks. Specifically, we're looking for an early socket A motherboard that'll take a 1.4 T-bird processor and/or PC2700 or 3200 RAM to speed up current 'bots. But really, we'll take any and all parts that you want to donate to a worthy cause. Send 'em in and watch your contribution fuel the Frankenbot's rise to the top!

    Frankenbot Stats: #167, Points last week:2,738, Total points: 16,648, Total WUs: 186

    Nice to keep up interest in the project. Remember, if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or email me at idchafee@speakeasy.net. Special thanks for this project go to emkubed for building all the currently running 'bots and hosting our first three Frankenbots, and to drfish for coming up with the idea in the first place. If you can host a Frankenbot and meet the requirements, please get in touch with any of them or myself.

That's all folks! See you next week, and keep on folding!

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