If you haven't yet, you need to see The Pigeon. Impressive.

Equally impressive is my fantasy football team's ability to choke, with my two RBs combining for a total of five fumbles, zero touchdowns, and eight fantasy points. All told, I scored about half what I did the week before, going down to defeat against Random Gerbil's team, helmed by the unstoppable Carson Palmer. The week two results tell the tale.

Putting together the Radeon X700 XT review was a brutal process. The press embargo lifted at 5:00AM my time, and I was writing all night long, right up to the expiry time. I've done that with embargos that lift at midnight before, but never 5AM. I pretty much worked from 8:30AM on Monday to 5:00AM on Tuesday non-stop. Yikes. I think the review came out mostly coherent, though, thanks to the healing effects of coffee.

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