Intel intros new Celeron with PCI Express chipset

The Celeron D 340 has arrived, along with a PCI Express chipset for it. From the press release:
The Intel Celeron D processor 340 delivers a balanced level of technology and value for desktop PCs. Based on Intel's industry leading 90nm process technology, the Intel Celeron D processor 340 features a 256KB Level 2 cache, a 533 MHz system bus and a processor speed of 2.93 GHz. The new processor is available in the mPGA478 and LGA775 packages with the latter compatible with the Intel 915 Express Chipset family.
Its companion chipset, the 910GL, looks to be a version of the 915 chipset with few changes other than a 533MHz bus, if past experience is any guide. Intel is also making lower models of the Celeron D available in the pinless LGA775 package. You can read more about the performance of the Celeron D series as the model 335 acts as a foil in this review, and our review of the 915 and 925X chipsets will elcudiate all the new features of Intel's 900-series core logic chips.
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