AMD, IBM extend relationship

EE Times is reporting that AMD has extended its chip-manufacturing technology agreement with IBM by three years. IBM's board of directors has yet to approve the deal, which would extend AMD and IBM's relationship until December of 2008.
"Under the development agreement, [AMD] and IBM agreed to continue to jointly develop new logic process technologies, including 65-nanometer and 45-nanometer technologies, to be implemented on silicon wafers," according to a Form 8-K filing from AMD.

"Furthermore, if the company and IBM jointly develop 32-nanometer technologies during the term of the development agreement, the 32-nanometer technology will be licensed to the company," according to the SEC document. "In addition, the company received a license from IBM to have its products made in 90-nanometer and 65-nanometer at a third-party foundry or a joint manufacturing facility owned by the company and a third-party foundry."

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