1. Elite Bastards asks, "CATALYST A.I. - the future of optimisations?"
  2. Ars Technica's interview with Camino project head Mike Pinkerton
  3. Techconnect's Microsoft IPTV interview
  4. IANAG's virus update: oz11111.exe, oz2.exe, syshosts.exe,, doriot.exe, _re_file.exe, and Gdqfw.exe
  5. GamersHell has Football Manager 2005 beta demo
  6. Dan's Data letters #126
  7. Futurelooks on sweatin' the net
  8. Last chance to enter Crucial's Ballistix Dream Machine sweepstakes
Systems and graphics

  1. GamePC reviews Athlon 64 3700+ DTR notebook processor
  2. Viper Lair reviews MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
  3. PCTweaks reviews Linksys WRT54GS router and PCMCIA Card (in German)
  4. Sharky Extreme reviews ATI Radeon X700 Pro 256MB
  5. HEXUS reviews GALAXY Glacier GeForce 6800 128MB
  6. TweakTown looks at Power Color 9800 Platinum Edition – manipulated Radeon 9800 Pro
  7. ClubOC reviews ABIT Radeon RX600XT-PCIE
Multimedia, power, and cooling

  1. BIOS reviews Sony DRU-710A 16X DVD recorder
  2. Mikhailtech reviews 200GB Seagate external USB 2.0 drive combo
  3. The Tech Zone reviews Logitech Cordless Desktop MX for Bluetooth
  4. I4U reviews 8Com Wireless BH 220 Bluetooth headset
  5. WhiningDog has Incase Designs Leather Folio for the Apple iPod review
    and giveaway contest
  6. Modsynergy reviews 410W Thermaltake PurePower POLO12 power supply
  7. Legion Hardware reviews Legion Hardware Thermalright XP-90
  8. A1 Electronics on fitting a 120cm radiator & fan into a computer case mod
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