DFI mobo packs 875P chipset and 775 socket

Here's a wild one for you. DFI just announced a motherboard with Intel's previous-generation 875P chipset and a new-style LGA775 CPU socket. The LANParty 875P-T is purportedly aimed at upgraders, and I suppose that makes a kind of sense. The press release explains:
With the intention to lower cost of upgrade [sic], the latest motherboard is designed to enable the usage of DDR memory and AGP based graphics solutions while taking advantage of the benefits of the LGA (LAN Grid Array) technology.
So if you want to keep using your AGP card and DDR400 memory but you'd like to move to a LGA775 processor, this is your board. Or, as Andy put it: "New! All of the downsides of LGA775 with none of the benefits! Order today!" Heh. Some folks may want this thing, though, and as part of the LANParty series, it's almost sure to be a decent enthusiasts' mobo. The laundry list of features includes Gigabit Ethernet, SATA RAID, six-channel audio, and four-phase power¬óbut not PCI Express, DDR2, high-def audio, or any of that newfangled stuff.
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