Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to another edition of TR’s Continuing Folding Coverage. SAGoons are still back there, but we've also got a new problem that will need to be handled. Team MacOS X is right there with the Goons as a potential threat. They're not outproducing us yet, but lets not wait until they are to take steps to keep them back there, shall we? While I personally have nothing against Macs, there are some on Team TR that would need to go into counseling if we're passed by a Mac team.

Next up on the conquest list is Team Short-Media at just over 31 days out. We are still gaining ground on the Short-Media folks, but not as rapidly as we were last week. After them, Maximum PC Magazine and Team Rage3D await! This week, we celebrated the first occasion of our points per day average topping 100,000! There are only 6 other teams that produce over 100k/day, and all but one of them have several hundred more members than we do. Just call us the Little Engine that Could!

Below are some links that people can visit to see what this whole folding thing is about, and why we folders find it so addicting.

We have also devised a list of rules and guidelines for members of our Folding team. You can see them right here. Please make sure to adhere to these rules. If you have any questions, let me, Kevin or our DC forum moderator, Just Brew It!, know.

And now, new members, top producers, and links to hot threads in the Folding forum. All stats were gathered Monday evening from ExtremeOC (which is linked above).

  • New members: mike9873, Damiano_Foresti, Gadget_junkie, Riko27, Kinketsu, Luckmorne, timbo6789, AK_Jedi, adam.dein, Alex_Tian, talsair, Sumache, Bloodspoon
  • Top 20 producers: Looking_For_Knowledge, Mike_Sterling ("The Ungodly Beast"), LordIcon ("The Shadow"), Nulfire/Druid, emkubed ("Dr. Frankenbot"), Haggis! ("The Meat Dish"), drfish ("Fishy-boy"), idchafee ("The White Whale"), TheJuggernaut, Leor ("Captain Ahab"), Zubrik, Tamale, FinalDevelopment, TheBank, pmeysemb, Atryus28, Steel, Just_Brew_It! ("The CrateMaster"), mike8763, Roach
  • Conquests: Team Short-Media (31 days), Maximum PC Magazine (74 days), Team Rage3D (132 days)
  • Threats: None. We are the masters of our domain.
  • Hot threads in DC: The Battle continues, Another drawn-out duel, A collective pat on the back
  • Frankenbot progress: Last week, my in-laws called and told me that their computer got fried in a lightning strike. My first mistake was believing them without checking it out myself. After buying a new PSU and motherboard to replace theirs, I discovered that the lightning strike wasn't the reason that their PC went out - it was the fact that their cat got behind the desk and stepped on their power strip off button. So here I was stuck with a PSU and mobo that, of course, I couldn't find the reciept to return.

    What do you do with miscellaneous parts like that? Here’s your chance to clear out some closet space! Donate those odds and ends to the Frankenbot project! By combining our parts, we can make complete folding boxes to give the team a little extra boost. Even someone who cannot get whole systems up folding can use the Frankenbot project to contribute to Team TR’s march up the ranks. Specifically, we’re looking for an early socket A motherboard that'll take a 1.4 T-bird processor and/or PC2700 or 3200 RAM to speed up current ‘bots. But really, we’ll take any and all parts that you want to donate to a worthy cause. Send ‘em in and watch your contribution fuel the Frankenbot’s rise to the top!

    Frankenbot Stats: #154, Points last week: 2,610, Total points: 19,292, Total WUs: 207

    Remember, if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or send me a private message in the forums. Special thanks for this project go to emkubed for building all the currently running ‘bots and for hosting our first three Frankenbots. Also, thanks to drfish for coming up with the idea in the first place. If you can host a Frankenbot and meet the requirements, please get in touch with any of them or myself.

That's all, folks! See you next week, and keep on folding!

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