Well, my fantasy football team is in trouble amost as badly as my NFL team, the Chiefs. This week, four of my starters (Ahman Green, Domanick Davis, Chris Chambers, and Laveranues Coles) combined for a total of six big points! druid's team, the Lurking Lizards, crushed me under the mechanized wheels of the Colts' offensive juggernaut, as Peyton Manning put up 37 points all by himself. Ow.

This Yahoo league is a little weird. Yardage counts for almost nothing, and quarterbacks are hailed as conquering heroes here. I've chosen my team on some obviously bad assumptions formed by my experience in other leagues. It's gonna be a long, painful season. I feel like Dick Vermeil and Carl Peterson must, only not for real. Week 3 results for all teams are available from the usual place.

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