Abit announces Intel 820-based boards

Kyle at the ever-so-HardOCP has the scoop on Abit's latest. As expected, Intel and its partners are launching their 820 chipset-based products during Comdex. (Yes, it seems the long wait for the 820 chipset it coming to an end.) Abit is working around the RDRAM/SDRAM issue by offering two different boards:
For the upcoming Intel 820 chipset, ABIT will introduce the CH6, and CX6. “We realize there will be different needs for 820 based products because of the RAM issue, so we are offering 2 solutions, one with 2 RIMMs the CX6, and one with 3 DIMMs the CH6”, explains ABIT's Smith."
'twill be interesting to see which board is faster. Also, as one would expect, these boards will employ SoftMenu III, so overclocking that new PIIIE should be a snap.

In something of a depature, Abit has also announced some NVIDIA-based TNT2 and GeForce video cards. We'll have to see how those turn out.

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