Abit graphics cards get vGuru, XTurbo

Abit has announced a line of PCI Express graphics cards with vGuru technology. vGuru allows users not only to manipulate core and memory clock speeds, but also tweak graphics card voltages and adjust fan speed temperature thresholds. Abit is also releasing a couple of "XTurbo" graphics cards with dual BIOS chips. Users can swap a jumper to access the secondary BIOS, yielding up to a 25% performance boost that's likely a result of higher than stock core and memory clocks.

Unfortunately, vGuru and XTurbo will initially only be available on select Abit X300 and X600-based graphics cards, making Abit's recently-announced Radeon X700 series products look pretty vanilla by comparison. Let's hope vGuru and XTurbo versions of the X700 and X800 series are just around the corner.

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