Athlon L2 cache divisor control in the BIOS?

That crazy H. Oda is at it again, with a program that will purportedly change the Athlon's L2 cache divisor in a system's BIOS. His previous Athlon L2 control program, WCPUA2 (see our review), works very well in Windows, but it's not much help to the overclocker whose overclocked PC won't boot into Windows with the L2 divisor set to its default value (not to mention the alternative OS crowd). This new program, WCPUA2B, looks like it will write a value to the BIOS to make the system boot with an altered L2 divisor. Check out the screen shot at the House of Oda. (And thanks to the HardOCP for the link.)

The program is currently available to "registration members only", so I haven't had a chance to test it. I suspect it will only work with certain motherboard or BIOS types. If this progam works, Athlon overclocking just got a whole lot easier.

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