Weekend forum roundup

Apologies for the lack of a roundup last weekend. I ended up having to take a last minute trip and didn't have computer access. Here are a few threads from the forums, which should keep you busy while I watch my Fantasy Football team implode. Drop me an e-mail during the week for your Weekend Forum Roundup suggestions.

Give up PC Gaming for Consoles? — The eternal debate springs up yet again with PerfectCr becoming the latest casualty in the great gamer war. Which side are you on?

Mt. St. Helens rumbling again — Featured in the latest FNT, Mt. St. Helens is the subject of much attention. Join in on the discussion and speculation about this disaster in the making.

The Great Pigeon Debacle of 2004 — If you didn't see this thread linked here on the front page before, now is your chance to catch up on the latest Nature vs. Tech showdown.

Terminal via Ethernet — emkubed is looking for a simple terminal setup. Is a cheap PC for remote desktop better for the job? Explore the various options in this thread.

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