Sorry I was kinda outta the loop last week. My wonderful wife and Jr. Damage (gratuitous pics here, here, and here) made it back from a two-week trip to Belgium this past week, so I was pretty well distracted from doing the news.

Also, I was running around behind the scenes working on some good stuff that we have coming up, plus editing Andy's excellent article on video game violence and the psychologization of everything. In case you missed it, read it. Even the id Software guys are recommending it. Good stuff.

I was suprised to see TR reader and forum-dweller Kampf writing reviews at the ever-symmetric (and doing a decent job of it, too). I get a fair amount of mail from folks looking to write for a site or, more commonly, to start their own. I'm all for variety, but I should mention once more that TR takes contributions. If you're interested in writing about something for us, drop me a line, and we'll talk.

Finally, last week's GeForce 2 GTS launch kinda caught us off guard. We knew the launch was coming, but everybody and his brother had a card for benchmarking before the launch, and I had no idea. One of us will prolly just run out and buy a card ASAP this week and start subjecting it to benchmarking punishment. 3dfx has been tight with the Voodoo 4/5 samples, so we'll just have to settle for the fastest cards on the market. :)

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