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Welcome back to another edition of TR’s continuing folding coverage. Both SAGoons and Team MacOS X are right on our tail. The Goons, in particular, have stepped it up this past week. We're only about 4K a day ahead of them. Earlier this year, they were only a few days from passing us. We ramped up quite a bit to stop that, but we can't get complacent now and let all that hard work get flushed down the toilet. The Mac boys (and gals) are about 8k/day behind and must also be dealt with. These two worthy opponents are obviously not going to go into that good night without a struggle. That fact will make our inevitable victory even sweeter!

Next up on the conquest list is Team Short-Media at just over 23 days out. We knocked a good bit off their lead this week, lets all take a moment to pat ourselves on the back. Go ahead, I'll wait . . . . OK, done? Good. Anyway, after them, Maximum PC Magazine and Team Rage3D await!

Our points per day has dropped a bit since last week, and we're now below the 100,000 points/day threshold. Lets try to make up the slack with existing members and getting some new blood! In one of last week's hot threads, TheEmrys, who currently folds for Team Rage3D, expressed an interest in joining team TR. He's a beast of a producer, so let's do what we can to try to make him feel welcome (shameless sales attempt).

And now, the segment in our show that informs, entertains and enlightens. Here are some links that people can visit to see what this whole folding thing is about, and why we folders find it so addicting. If you can think of any others that should show up here, let me know.

What fun is a contest without rules? Without rules, all kinds of cheating can go on. No fun at all. To that end, we have devised a list of rules and guidelines for members of our Folding team. You can see them right here. Please make sure to adhere to these rules. If you have any questions, let me, Kevin or our DC forum moderator, Just Brew It!, know.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for our new members, top producers, and links to hot threads in the Folding forum! All stats were gathered Monday evening from ExtremeOC (which is now linked above). And a big "hi there" to our new section recognizing those that have reached milestones in the past 7 days.

  • New members: b3n13, Stuart_and_Marion, wintermane, FloatingSpots, I_Hate_Pod_6, Bryan_60532, mirael, Risme, Z1000_Ryder, berserker, Erdr1ck, Bloodspoon. Welcome to the team!
  • Top 20 producers: Mike_Sterling ("The Ungodly Beast"), Looking_For_Knowledge, Nulfire/Druid, LordIcon ("The Shadow"), drfish ("Fishy-Boy"), idchafee ("The White Whale"), emkubed ("Dr. Frankenbot"), Zubrik, Leor ("Captain Ahab"), Haggis! ("The Meat Dish"), TheJuggernaut, Steel, Roach, Tamale, mike8763, Just_Brew_It! ("The CrateMaster"), pmeysemb, cass, FinalDevelopment, treemiddle
  • Conquests: Team Short-Media (23 days), Maximum PC Magazine (84 days), Team Rage3D (133 days)
  • Threats: None. We step on the throats of all who oppose us.
  • Milestones the past 7 days — 5,000 points: Corith, IntelMole, matman326, kbuck320, Alives, Fuzzhead, Xyster_-_Antishaft.com. 10,000 points: RogueComGeek, TheVM68Guy, nwsn_loki, OneShort, Opus5001, crazyredboy, smole. 20,000 points: CelJean, TRFrankenbot. 30,000 points: Emi, SchizzAir, RandomGerbil, fishnbabs. 40,000 points: CFroese, Chivalrous22, kvndoom. 50,000 points: nonegatives, mike8763. 60,000 points: Roach. 70,000 points: Zubrik. 80,000 points: Tamale. 100,000 points: Coldfirex, b3n113.

    Congratulations to all of you!

  • Hot threads in DC: Memory demands of big WU (a.k.a. Cass is back!), Now THAT'S a dedicated folder!, Props to the new members
  • Frankenbot progress: A couple weeks ago, I bought myself an early birthday present: an A64 3200+. Thursday, I went to put it in my new Shuttle, and in a fit of stupidity, I forgot to make sure the marks were lined up. Attach the heatsink and presto! Bent pins. Not all of them, just enough to annoy me. I don't feel like spending the time it would take to straighten them, but emkubed (our official Frankenbot parts assembler) is the bent pin master. So off this chip goes to the Frankenbot project! By combining our parts, we can make complete folding boxes to give the team a little extra boost. Even someone who cannot get whole systems up folding can use the Frankenbot project to contribute to Team TR’s march up the ranks. Specifically, we’re looking for an early socket A motherboard that'll take a 1.4 T-bird processor and/or PC2700 or 3200 RAM to speed up current ‘bots. But really, we’ll take any and all parts that you want to donate to a worthy cause. Send ‘em in and watch your contribution fuel the Frankenbot’s rise to the top!

    Frankenbot Stats: #145, Points last week: 2,620, Total points: 21,912, Total WUs: 223

    Remember, if you contributed to a Frankenbot or two, part of those numbers are yours! If you have any leftovers, let people know here or email me at idchafee@speakeasy.net. Special thanks for this project go to emkubed for building all the currently running ‘bots and for hosting our first three Frankenbots, and to drfish for coming up with the idea in the first place. If you can host a Frankenbot and meet the requirements, please get in touch with any of them or myself.

That's all, folks! See you next week, and keep on folding.

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