HardOCP wins jurisdiction in Infinium Labs case

The cold, HardOCP is taking a cold, hard approach to its dispute with Infinium Labs, making a full-court press to shake loose evidence proving that its story did not make false claims about Infinium Labs founder Timothy Roberts. One of the key legal battles in the early stages of the case has been over where the case would be tried. The matter of jurisdiction will determine many things about the rest of the legal struggle, including the relative costs for both parties. Now comes this news, straight form the OCP:
KB Networks has spent approximately $150,000 on litigation fighting over jurisdiction. On the very deadline to produce Court Ordered documents, Infinium Labs waived previously asserted objections to jurisdiction in hopes of avoiding production of the documents. Our attorneys believe Infinium Labs never had any basis for alleging they were not subject to jurisdiction in Texas, that KB Networks is entitled to the documents, and that the subject documents will likely include evidence of investor fraud, SEC violations, and that Timothy Roberts is the alter ego of Infinium Labs.
So Infinium has changed its tack when pressed, but only after exacting the highest cost in time and legal expenses from the OCP. Now, the HardOCP's lawyers want to see the documents anyway. You can read a copy of the motion filed by the OCP's legal team if you want.
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