VIA reveals details of its 64-bit CPU

The press release tells the tale:
Fall Processor Forum, San Jose, CA, 5 October 2004 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today revealed details of its next-generation Isaiah processor core.

Combining a high-performance 64-bit architecture with a low power design and the industry’s most advanced built-in security features, the Isaiah processor core, with the engineering code name ‘CN’, is optimized for the rapidly emerging market for high definition computing and personal electronics devices that require the capability to run multiple tasks concurrently, such as decrypting a digital media stream while simultaneously displaying its contents in an ultra-high resolution format on an HDTV.

In addition to 64-bit data processing capabilities, the Isaiah core will integrate a host of additional digital media performance features, including a high-speed Front Side Bus, an industry leading Floating Point Unit that can achieve floating-point additions and multiplies using only two clock cycles, an increased cache size, high-speed data movement, and out-of order, superscalar execution that allows the processor to achieve high clock rates while executing multiple, simultaneous instructions for high definition digital entertainment applications.

VIA is by no means abandoning its philosophy of being the low-cost provider and focusing on embedded applications where price, power consumption, and heat production are big factors. Still, the architectural changes must be substantial for even an overheated press release to claim the company has an "industry leading Floating Point Unit." The press release is short on specifics like bus and clock speeds, but it promises more info later.
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