Valve announces Half-Life 2 Steam pre-orders

It's time to dig out that ATI voucher, folks. Valve has announced a number of Half-Life 2 pre-order options for those who want to purchase the game over Steam. Coupon holders are entitled to the bronze package, which includes a Half-Life 2 pre-order and Counter-Strike Source. More expensive silver and gold packages are also available that bundle in additional Valve software titles and swag.

Just because you pre-order Half-Life 2 over Steam doesn't mean you'll have access to the game before retail customers, though. Valve won't be unlocking Half-Life 2 Steam pre-loads until the game hits retail shelves. With a bronze level price tag of $49.99—only $5 cheaper than a retail box pre-order from EB Games—pre-ordering through Steam isn't much cheaper than buying retail, either. However, going the Steam route will let you get in on the official release of Counter-Strike: Source starting today.

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