Weekly folding update

Welcome back to another edition of TR’s continuing folding coverage. Both SAGoons and Team MacOS X are right on our tail. The Mac folks are now out-producing us. This cannot be allowed to continue. The Goons are only about 1500 points per day behind us. Not good at all. Our points per day has fallen off a table, and we're now averaging around 94,000 points/day. This is down from 102,000 a day 2 weeks ago. Lets try to make up the slack with existing members and getting some new blood!

Still, we do have some conquests coming up. Team Short-Media is just over 18 days out. After them, Maximum PC Magazine and Team Rage3D await! And new to our conquest list this week is 2CPU.com Folding@Home, although they're a long way out.

What is this thing, folding? Below are some links that people can visit to see what this whole folding thing is about, and why we folders find it so addicting.

Now, the part you've all been waiting for. All week, you sit and wonder, "Who are TR's new members and top producers? And what are the hot threads in the Folding forum? The suspense is killing me!" Well, wait no more! All stats were gathered Monday afternoon from ExtremeOC (which is now linked above).

  • New members: Caladan, scotthal, Biogeek, [SDG]Mantis, Lix, CruCiFix, Lhach, bdhearn, dosten, sacrilicious, Wiseblud, Tony_Drake, HybridZ, jeffry55, MunchDRoof - Welcome to the team!
  • Top 20 producers: emkubed (Dr. Frankenbot), Looking_For_Knowledge, Nulfire/Druid, Mike_Sterling (The Ungodly Beast), LordIcon (The Shadow), drfish (Fishy-boy), idchafee (The White Whale), TheJuggernaut, cass, Haggis! (The Meat Dish), Leor (Captain Ahab), Zubrik, Steel, Roach, pmeysemb, Just_Brew_It! (The CrateMaster), Tamale, Atryus28, FinalDevelopment, RandomGerbil
  • Conquests: Team Short-Media (18 days), Maximum PC Magazine (77 days), Team Rage3D (130 days), 2CPU.com Folding@Home (1698 Days)
  • Threats: Team MacOS X - I didn't like writing that. Lets fix it.
  • Hot threads in DC: Send in the Macs, What happens when you don't follow the rules, Frankenbot is stepping up (more to come on this later in the week)
  • Frankenbot progress: Gonna go light on the Frankenbot stuff this week as we'll be putting out a big Frankenbot update later this week. This project is headed in an exciting new direction, thanks in large part to cass and emkubed. More later!
That's all, folks. See you next week, and keep on folding!
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