Details of Fatal1ty mobo revealed

DigiTimes has the scoop on Abit's upcoming motherboard, the Fatal1ty AA8, complete with pictures. Abit expects the boards to go into mass production this coming Friday and land on store shelves later this month, making it the first motherboard on the market to be named after a professional gamer. The board will pack a new version of the 925X chipset with support for a 1066MHz front-side bus, plus PCI Express, dual NICs, quad USB ports, and a version of Abit's OTES cooling system. There will be ample LEDs to please case modders, as well.

The point of this board, Abit explained to me at Quakecon, is to allow exceptional overclocking. Rather than go for lots of feature-type gimmicks, Abit has concentrated on the power delivery section of this board, and they expect it to significantly outdo the already-excellent AA8 DuraMax.

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