L computers shuts down

I have to admit I never paid much attention to the mega-hyped L computers, controversial as they were. I guess I figured the PC business didn't need another Reality Distortion Field, or something like that. Anyhow, they were an intriguing curiosity, and I just saw a note over at the Inq saying they were closing down. The notice on the L website tells the story:
However, we are no longer in a position, from a financial standpoint, to continue doing business, meeting each of the high standards we have continually set for ourselves and for you, and are regrettably forced to suspend our operations and liquidate our assets in support of our financial responsibilities. Through our best abilities we are striving to fulfill all current orders, but we are no longer accepting new purchases for any of products. For the time being, we will continue to provide technical support and make available updated downloads and drivers to all products.
I will miss hearing about that newest laptop that's faster than anything we could build in Damage Labs, just for grins.
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