The making of the Econobox

Submitted by the intrepid Adam LongWalker, it's the story of one man's loss (of a PC) and the struggle to replace it (without spending a fortune): The making of the Econobox:

Those horrible words echoed through my mind as I assessed the situation. The PC gods must have been angry at me, for they commanded my cat to pee on my computer (opened case) the night before. Unknowingly, I turned it on the next morning. Fire and brimstone (ozone and smoky cat urine) billowed out of my computer like some foul, vengeful demon of biblical proportions.

The Econobox is a nice example of the always-interesting set of compromises required to build a good PC at a sane price. Read the article to see how he overcame the odds and built a whole PC for less than the price of a Pentium III 866 processor.
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