Spyware infects 90% of computers?

These guys cite a Dell executive who says 90% of all PCs are infected with spyware:
Spyware’s explosive growth has become a “very alarming trend” that could scare away computer users and undermine the industry, Michael George, general manager of Dell Inc.’s US consumer business, said last Friday.

Spyware, code that allows outsiders to monitor computer activity, now affects about 90 percent of computers, he said.

The number sounds rather high, but I can kind of see the logic. His estimate is apparently based on experience:
In July, Dell began offering tech-support services for customers willing to pay $39 per incident for diagnostic help in fighting spyware. George declined to say how many people have paid the fee, but said “demand has outstripped capacity."
This info may not come as news to many of you, since spyware has easily outstripped spam in our biggest annoyances poll. It's time to round up a posse, I believe. Thanks Slashdot.
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