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Another week, another folding update! I'm going to be trying out a new format for the folding update. Rather than devoting so much front page space to dry lists and numbers, I'm going to link to them every week and use the front page space to focus on other info about The Tech Report Folding@Home team. So fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray is returned to the upright position, because we're taking off!

First, here's important information you should check out. Go ahead; I'll wait for you to come back:

Back? Good, lets get a move-on, then!

Currently, Team TR is the 10th-ranked folding team in the world. This is something that the whole TR community is and should be proud of. However, there are a couple other teams that are nipping right at our heels. SAGoons and Team MacOS x are threatening to make life difficult for Team TR. Fortunately, drfish and emkubed, two of Team TR's more prolific folders, have come up with a novel way for all TR community members to help TR's climb up the folding ranks: the Frankenbot Project. (I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the concept was originally thought up by the PCPerspective.com folding team under the name Adopt-A-Frog.)

Basically, the way the project works is if you have spare parts that you're not going to use, you can donate them to the Frankenbot project. Our trusty Frankenbot builders, emkubed and cass, will assemble the parts into working machines and then send them out to other Team TR folders to host. The host donates the power and Internet connection required to make the Frankenbot go. And that's it! Currently, we have five Frankenbots going. Check right here for details on each of the five running 'bots. Also in that thread are the requirements to be a TRFrankenbot host. If you qualify and want to host a 'bot, shoot me (idchafee) a private message in the forums.

Also on tap for this project is a new diskless monster spearheaded by emkubed and cass. Cass is building a diskless farm that will be hosted by a person yet to be decided. Check out our detailed thread on cass's "diskless monstrosity!" With this new direction for the Frankenbot, we're going to be needing some different parts based on what parts we already have on hand. Right here is our parts-wanted list. If you see something on the list that you can provide, send me a PM.

In the spirit of the holiday and in honor of the "Franken" part of the Frankenbot name, we've decided to make the Frankenbot scary. This will help give the Frankenbot a little boost as it heads into its new phase. If you've got a box that's currently folding and you want to help make the Frankenbot bigger, join up for a week!

Folding is a great way to have some good, clean, geeky fun while still doing something to help your fellow man (or woman). And now, even if you can't put together a huge folding farm, you can still help out. So go check out the Distributed Computing Forum and join the "fold."

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