Component shortage slows graphics chip shipments

New GPUs like the Radeon X700 and GeForce 6600 have been slow in coming due to a shortage of flip-chip substrates, according to a DigiTimes report:
ATI has had difficulty delivering the RV410 and R430 graphics processors to graphics-card makers since it has had problems with its major chip-packaging partner, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), according to sources at graphics-card makers. Nvidia has also faced the same problem with its NV43 products, the sources stated.

ASE said that due to a water shortage in Taoyuan county in late August and early September, it was not able to produce enough flip-chip substrates at its subsidiary, ASE Chung-Li, to package chips.

DigiTimes quotes ASE's CFO saying, "recently everything has started to return to normal," so hopefully these GPUs will become more available soon. The shortfall has also affected the ATI R430, as the report notes, which is expected to be the successor to the Radeon X800.
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