Dual-core Xeons won't arrive until 2006

Although Intel is, by all accounts, steaming toward dual-core versions of its major CPU lineups with great vigor, the first dual-core versions of its server-oriented Xeon won't hit the streets until the first quarter of '06, says News.com.com. That's as many as six months behind the first dual-core AMD Opterons, if AMD hits its schedule and delivers those chips in mid-2005. Intel's dual-core Itanium is expected some time in 2005, as well.

The report reveals a number of code names for upcoming Intel products, including the dual-core-capable Twin Castle chipset and the single-core Cranford and Potomac CPU cores, both would-be Xeons. The first dual-core Xeon is code-named Tulsa. Most intriguing is the chip code-named Whitfield, due in 2007, that's described as "multicore." This one might be a quad-core product, although Intel was apparently fuzzy on the specifics.

AMD has already said that its dual-core desktop chips will follow the Opterons to market, probably arriving in late 2005. I'd expect Intel to tread a similar path with its dual-core Pentiums, which means we probably have quite the wait in store before we get new CPUs that are significantly faster than today's latest and greatest.

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