— 2:18 AM on October 25, 2004


  • Please send your best wishes for Keith "Mortin" Whitsitt, founder of APUs Hardware
    and Icrontic, who has just been taken off life support
  • AMDZone reviews Tyan Transport GX28 1U dual Opteron barebones server
  • Designtechnica reviews Gateway M520S laptop
  • Hi-Techreviews on Mushkin PC2-4200
  • Bytesector reviews Mushkin PC3200 L2V2 dual channel kit
  • Viper Lair reviews Albatron Trinity PCX5750
  • Mikhailtech reviews A.C.Ryan modding accessories
  • XYZ Computing reviews Cold Heat soldering iron
  • TechFreaks review 500W Xtreme Gamer Vigor power supply
  • TecCentral reviews 450W Silentmaxx semi-fanless power supply (in German)
  • InsaneTek reviews DangerDen TDX CPU water block
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